Do you know what Baju Kurung is?

my frenzs n me are wearing Baju Kurung

The Baju Kurung, or more specifically, the Baju Kurung Teluk Belanga, is the Pahang traditional Malay costume for women.And in more "modern" times, we have the Baju Kebaya, more specifically the Baju Kebaya Turki (also known as Baju Riau-Pahang or Baju Belah), become another popular and favorite attire for ladies in Pahang (one of the country in Malaysia ).

Well, just go to any Malay house, open the cupboard of the lady in the house, and you can definitely find at least one Baju Kurung dress in the wardrobe, if not a full line of the traditional Malay women costume.This is because even though some women prefer modern western attires, the Baju Kurung is still an elegant and sweet dress for women in Pahang and Malaysia.And worn with matching shoes and handbag, well the lady will look... should I say... demure... charming and... with a well mannered poise -- ahh, a real lady.

The bicycle, cycle, or bike is a pedal-driven, human-powered vehicle with two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other. Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century and now number about one billion worldwide. They are the principal means of transportation in many regions. They also provide a popular form of recreation, and have been adapted for such uses as children's toys, adult fitness, military and police applications, courier services, and competitive sports.
The basic shape and configuration of a typical bicycle has changed little since the first chain-driven model was developed around 1885.Many details have been improved, especially since the advent of modern materials and computer-aided design. These have allowed for a proliferation of specialized designs for particular types of cycling.
The bicycle has had a considerable effect on human society, in both the cultural and industrial realms. In its early years, bicycle construction drew on pre-existing technologies; more recently, bicycle technology has, in turn, contributed both to old and new areas.

1) Do the most important thing first

2) Keep your inbox always empty

3) Become a realist about time

4) Focus on what you are doing so you can do it faster and better

5) Delegate

There are only so many hours in a day, a week, and a term. You cannot change the number of hours, but you can decide how to best use them. To be successful in school, you must carefully manage your study time. Here is a strategy for doing this.

1)Prepare a Term Calendar
·At the beginning of a term, prepare a Term Calendar. Update it as the term goes on. Here is what to do to prepare a Term Calendar.
·Record your school assignments with their due dates and your scheduled tests.
·Record your planned school activities.
·Record your known out-of-school activities.
·Each Sunday before a school week, prepare a Weekly Schedule. Update it as the week goes on. Here is what to do to prepare a Weekly Schedule.

2)Record your daily classes.
-Enter things to be done for the coming week from your Term Calendar.
-Review your class notes from the previous week to see if you need to add any school activities.
-Add any out-of-school activities in which you will be involved during the week.
-Be sure to include times for completing assignments, working on projects, and studying for tests. These times may be during the school day, right after school, evenings, and weekends.
-Each evening before a school day, prepare a Daily Organizer for the next day. Place a √ next to each thing to do as you accomplish it.

-Your Weekly Schedule should have more detail than your Term Calendar.
-Your Daily Organizer should have more detail than your Weekly Schedule. Using a Term Calendar, a Weekly Schedule, and a Daily Organizer will help you make the best use of your time.

The Food Guide Pyramid is one way for people to understand how to eat healthy. A rainbow of colored, vertical stripes represents the five food groups plus fats and oils. Here's what the colors stand for:
orange — grains
green — vegetables
red — fruits
yellow — fats and oils
blue — milk and dairy products
purple — meat, beans, fish, and nuts
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) changed the pyramid in 2005 because they wanted to do a better job of telling Americans how to be healthy. The agency later released a special version for kids. Notice the girl climbing the staircase up the side of the pyramid? That's a way of showing kids how important it is to exercise and be active every day. In other words, play a lot! The steps are also a way of saying that you can make changes little by little to be healthier. One step at a time, get it?

Take action to reduce rubbish
1) Shop environmentally- find out how can you reduce your rubbish by what you buy
2) Compost kitchen scraps and garden rubbish- find out how to put your kitchen scraps and garden rubbish to a better use

3) Recycle all what you can- find out how to recycle your rubbish so that the material can be used to make a new products
4) Make a different at work- find out how to reduce the amount of rubbish produced at your workplace

The benefits of apple…
The old saying “ to eat an apple going to bed, will make the doctor beg his bread” has been justified by its many health-rich properties. A member of the rose family, fossil remains have shown that apples were gathered and stored 5,000 years ago and it’s likely that they were already cultivated during the Neolithic times. Apples are excellent detoxifiers and apple juice can destroy viruses in the body.
In one recent study , Riu Hai Liu of Cornell University, has found although apples has only a small amount of vitamin C, eating 100 grams of apple provides the same amount of antioxidant activity as taking 1,500 milligrams of the same vitamin.
The use:
1. For people who suffer from gout and rheumatism, eat apple regularly because it will aid healing
2. Eating 2 apples a day will reduce your cholesterol level up to 10 %3. Drinking an apple juice
3 times a day, is said to prevent virus from settling in the body.
4. Another benefit of apple is for those who have problem with their stomach. If you have problem with indigestion, eat apples before meals.
5. Grated apple, when mixed with live yogurt may be helpful in cases of diarrhea