Monthly mood swings are not just women's business: the latest research shows that the boys are also prone to he monthly blues. A study by psychologists from England's University Of Derby suggests that men may experience cyclical symptoms similar to, or worse, than those suffered by premenstrual women.
Symptomps of this 'periodic male tension' or PMT include pain. loss of concentration, behavioral changes, physical reactions, negative feelings and loss of arousal. The reasearch team asked 100 men and women about symptoms usually realated to the menstrual cycle.
They were stunned when the men reported they suffered from similiar symptomps more severely than the women.Another hypothesis is that men have a lower pain threshold than women-and making a fuss about nothing.

JoHn HanD, of Hand Melon Farm in New York State offers tips on buying rock melon....
Be gentle: A melon should feel slightly soft. USe your hands to feel for bruises. If you hear or feel anything when you shake, it mike be overripe.
Better yet, use your nose: A sweet smell means the melon is ripe.
Take a look: It should not have any remnant of a stem. If it does, it was picked early.
Hit the road: The fruit is best when it's fresh picked, which you are more likely to find at a roadside stand.

Eathing a colourful diet-with green,red,blue,white and yellow fruits and vegetables-is healthy, and can lower the risk of some cancers. But not all foods pACK the same punch, says dietitian Marilyn Nanney. Add these powerhouses to your rainbow:
Protect the immune system, vision and heart health
Maintain the urinary tract health,promotes memory function
Sustains memory function and urinary tract health
MAintains heart health and good cholesterol levels
Promotes vision, strong bones and teeth

If you would like your kids to eat healthy, start with your own diet. The more fruit and vegetables Mum and Dad eat, the more junior is likely to consume, according to a study of two-to six-year- olds at LOndon's University College. And youngesters who were introduced to these foods earlier tended to rearch for them more often. Those wo had been breastfed ate food and vegetables more frequently than bottle-fed kids.
Speaking of milk, reasearchers from Baylor College of Medicine and Penn State University found that girls who met calcium requirements had mums recommended amount of calcium at age five were nearly five times AS likely to do so at age nine.

Skip the fat-free salad dressing, and lose the guilt. Full-fat and redused-fat dressings help your body absorb nutrients from uncooked veggies better than fat-free,say doctors at lowa State University.
They gave seven people salads of spinach, romaine, carrots and tomatoes with dressings containing 0, 6 or 28 fat grams. After each salad, researchers took blood samples to measure the cartenoids, nutrients that may protect against cancer and other diseases. When people ate full-or reduced-fat dressings, they absorbed carotenoids far better than when they ate the no-fat, which allowed for virtually no absorption.
Don't think you can drown your salad in fatty dressing. Use reduced-fat, to maximise carotenoid absorption and limit fat intake.

Most teenagers will live through a plague of pimples at some time- usually just before an important date. But what should you do when acne grows from a few blackheads to large cysts?
Acoording to S.C.Yeung, a specialist at Singapore's National Skin Centre, you should consult your doctor rather than wait to 'outgrow' acne. Medical treatment can improve your appearance and prevent the development of scars.
To keep acne from getting worse, dermatologists recommend gently washing your face- not scrubbing or rubbing- no more than twice a day with a mild soap. And although there is no problem wearing make-up or shaving, oly and greasy cosmetics may make yhe condition worse.
Diet doesn't usually cause acne, but a few people find that their acne gets worse when they eat certain foods, particularly chocolate, fried food and chillies.

Gout was something people used to get from eating too much rich food, right?? That's why Henry VIII had the arthritic condition. True, but gout is still around today. And some foods do raise risk while others lower it.
When the kidneys are hit by too much food waste in the form of uric acid, the acid crytallises in joints, causing pain.
In a study of 47,000 healthy men by Mass-achusetts General Hospital and other institutions, those who ate four servings of seafood a week were 50 per cent likelier to develop gout. Those who had more than two servings of red meat a day upped their risk by 40 per cent.
Eating three or more servings of low-fat dairy a day cut risk by 44 per cent; one serving cut risk by 20 per cent.

An idea has been doing the rounds on the internet that if you suffer a heart attack while alone, you can keep yourself alive possible restore a pulse by coughing.
The British Heart Foundation warns that this is based loosely on reports of cardiac patients who achieved some blood flow by coughing, much like chest compressions- but someone alone would be unlikely to keep themselves conscious long enough to drive to hospital, as the rumour suggests. Vigorous coughing could do more harm than good. Anyone experiencing chest pain should call for help, especially if it lasts 15 minutes or more.

'Nice Dog. What's its name?' I asked my friend's ten-year -old son.'Bob,' he said. 'And your cat?' 'Bob.'
'How do you keep them straight?' 'Well, one is Bob Cat and the other is Bob Barker,' the boy answered. 'Tell him your rabbit's name.' his father suggested. The kid smiled and said, 'Dennis Hopper.'

I was scribbling my name on the receipt for my credit-card purchase when the clerk noticed that i had never signed the back of my card. Before she could complete the transaction, she said i would have to sign i. ' Why ?' I asked. 'So i can compare the signature on the card with the one on your receipt, and studied both signatures.
As luck would have it, they matched.
We live in Saskatchewan and after a cold snap my wife asked me to pick up some long underwear for her. I was looking around a department store when a saleswoman asked if she could help. I told her what i wanted, and she said I would find it in the lingerie department.
' You know you're in Canada,' I grinned,'when long underwear is considered lingerie.'

t0day, i would like t0 teach y0u h0w t0 make a kite.
What Y0u'll Need:
One 12-inch w0od d0wel with 1/8-inch diameter
One 24-inch 0d0wel with 1/8-inch ­diameter
Str0ng string 0r c0rd
Blunt sciss0rs
Wrapping paper
Craft glue
C0l0ured tissue paper
Step 1. Make a cr0ss with the w0od d0wels. The l0nger d0wel sh0uld be p0siti0ned vertically. Use a piece 0f str0ng string 0r c0rd t0 tightly tie the tw0 d0wels t0gether at the cr0ss secti0n. Cut a piece 0f wrapping paper in a 16 × 28-inch diam0nd shape. Cut 0ff the c0rners t0 make the tabs as sh0wn. Place the cr0ssed d0wels in the center 0f the paper diam0nd.
Step 2. Put a d0t 0f glue at the end 0f each d0wel. Run a l0ng piece 0f string ar0und the d0wel frame thr0ugh the glue. Add an0ther d0t 0f glue t0 each end t0 c0ver the string. Let the glue set. F0ld the wrapping paper tabs 0ver the string and glue each tab in place. Let the glue set.
Step 3. T0 make the flight c0rd, cut a piece 0f string and tie each end t0 the h0riz0ntal d0wel. T0 make the kite string, cut a l0ng piece 0f string and tie it t0 the center 0f the flight c0rd. Tie a piece 0f string t0 the b0tt0m 0f the vertical d0wel f0r the kite tail. Make tissue paper b0ws t0 f0ld 0ver the string and glue in place. Let the glue dry, then fly your kite!


The debate continues as to whether mobile phones cause brain tumors: the results of a Swedish study that ten years of mobile use does raise the risk of acoustic neuroma (a benign tumor of the auditory nerve). If you’re worried, here are steps to take:
· Use a hands – free earpiece or headset
· A shield that covers the whole phone can work, though some will impair the phone’s effectiveness
· Absorbing buttons that attach to the outside of your phone can absorb radiation, but only by 20 percent or so
· Different phone models can vary in radiation output by up to 80 percent – look for a low “SAR” level.

For morbidly obese people, weight – loss surgery is an aggressive, but effective, answer. Since surgery may be too risky for the heaviest of these patients, experts are working on an alternative. In an endoscopic procedure that could potentially be done on at outpatient basis, doctors insert a long, flexible tube down the throat. It grabs the wall of the stomach and the staples them together, creating a small pouch at the top of the stomach, so less food is needed to create a feeling of fullness. Perforation (to the esophagus or stomach) in a small concern, but because the technique is less invasive than surgery, it’s less traumatic, making it a safer option for some people. The technique hasn’t been tested on people yet. If clinical trials go well, the next step is seeking government approval, says bariatric surgeon Roger de la Torre, co- founder of Satiety, the company that developed the procedure.


Would you recognize the signs of a serious, possibly life-threatening, allergic reaction? Here’s a simple guide:
1) Face. Itchiness, redness, swelling of the face and tongue.
2) Airways. Trouble breathing, swallowing or speaking.
3) Stomach. Abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhoea.
4) Total body. Rash itchiness, swelling, weakness, paleness, loss of consciousness.

What causes these symptoms? The most common triggers include food – most frequently peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, milk, eggs, fish, soy, sesame seed and wheat – insect sting, drugs and latex.

This should come as welcome advice to anyone attempting an all-night study session –go to bed instead. New research by the University of Liege in Belgium suggests a good night’s sleep after solid study enhances recall. Researchers asked volunteers to learn the layout of a virtual town adapted from a computer game. Brain scans of these volunteers during sleep afterwards showed higher activity in the hippocampus – one of the brains’s learning centers – than in a control group who hadn’t studied. The researchers then tested the learners’ knowledge after the sleep sessions and found that there was a direct link between performance and the levers of brain activity during sleep. “Our results provide critical evidence that hippocampus activity during sleep correlates with improvement in memory performance,” said researchers Philippe Peigneux.

We eat more when we have lots of choices, like a buffet. But new research from the University of Illinois and University of Pennsylvania suggest that how food is arranged (in particular, by color ) also plays a role. When study coauthor Barbara Khan offered people six varieties of jellybeans, separated by color or mixed in a bowl, they ate about twice as many from the bowl. Why? Perhaps a mixed looks like it has more variety. So if you are trying to loose your weight, limit your choices and be watchful for color cues that would make you overeat.

I volunteered recently to perform a parachute jump for charity. One our first day of training, the instructor made an important point about preparing for landing at 100 meters“ How do you know when you’re at 100 meters?” asked one woman.” A good question,” replied the instructor. “At 100 meters, you can recognize the faces of people on the ground.” The woman thought about this for a while before saying, “What happens if there’s no-one there I know?”

As he was approaching the teller’s window at his bank’ a man tripped and careened forward. Fortunately, he caught himself before he fell. ‘Apparently, sir,’ the tellers said, ‘you came here to get your balance.’
Q: What do you call a bear with no teeth?
A: A gummy bear.

This morning I read an article that said watching TV can lead to attention deficit disorder. It also said that watching TV can lead to attention deficit disorder.
Cross a librarian and a lawyer and what do you get? All the information you want, except you can’t understand it.