Most teenagers will live through a plague of pimples at some time- usually just before an important date. But what should you do when acne grows from a few blackheads to large cysts?
Acoording to S.C.Yeung, a specialist at Singapore's National Skin Centre, you should consult your doctor rather than wait to 'outgrow' acne. Medical treatment can improve your appearance and prevent the development of scars.
To keep acne from getting worse, dermatologists recommend gently washing your face- not scrubbing or rubbing- no more than twice a day with a mild soap. And although there is no problem wearing make-up or shaving, oly and greasy cosmetics may make yhe condition worse.
Diet doesn't usually cause acne, but a few people find that their acne gets worse when they eat certain foods, particularly chocolate, fried food and chillies.

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