t0day, i would like t0 teach y0u h0w t0 make a kite.
What Y0u'll Need:
One 12-inch w0od d0wel with 1/8-inch diameter
One 24-inch 0d0wel with 1/8-inch ­diameter
Str0ng string 0r c0rd
Blunt sciss0rs
Wrapping paper
Craft glue
C0l0ured tissue paper
Step 1. Make a cr0ss with the w0od d0wels. The l0nger d0wel sh0uld be p0siti0ned vertically. Use a piece 0f str0ng string 0r c0rd t0 tightly tie the tw0 d0wels t0gether at the cr0ss secti0n. Cut a piece 0f wrapping paper in a 16 × 28-inch diam0nd shape. Cut 0ff the c0rners t0 make the tabs as sh0wn. Place the cr0ssed d0wels in the center 0f the paper diam0nd.
Step 2. Put a d0t 0f glue at the end 0f each d0wel. Run a l0ng piece 0f string ar0und the d0wel frame thr0ugh the glue. Add an0ther d0t 0f glue t0 each end t0 c0ver the string. Let the glue set. F0ld the wrapping paper tabs 0ver the string and glue each tab in place. Let the glue set.
Step 3. T0 make the flight c0rd, cut a piece 0f string and tie each end t0 the h0riz0ntal d0wel. T0 make the kite string, cut a l0ng piece 0f string and tie it t0 the center 0f the flight c0rd. Tie a piece 0f string t0 the b0tt0m 0f the vertical d0wel f0r the kite tail. Make tissue paper b0ws t0 f0ld 0ver the string and glue in place. Let the glue dry, then fly your kite!

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